Sunday, 19 December 2010

Catching up

Ok, so it's been nearly a month since I last posted and quite a bit has happened. I will try to keep this relatively brief, but cover most of the details.

The weather here has been a little bit shocking - we've definitely hit 0 here once or twice so far this month, which is pratically unheard of for Florida. Hardly what I've moved here for, to be honest. I hardly feel that I can complain though, as the UK is experiencing some pretty intense weather systems itself, with snow that has covered the entire country and looks set to cause the first white Christmas in such a long time. I'm told there's a severe absense of the song with the name aforementioned.

Thank goodness I have started in the pavillion though. I've been working there for about 3 weeks or so now - it feels longer - and it's easy work. The people I've met on the whole have been wonderful and I'm happy to say things are looking much much brighter than they did during my first couple of weeks. I work in Food & Beverage which means I work in the Rose and Crown pub and the Yorkshire County fish hut. The work is easy and fun, for the most part. I have discovered that seating is my least favourite task and greeting or chippie filler are easily tieing for first position. However, I have to say a good deal of condiment refilling occurs when chippie filling and I swear guests are throwing away more tartar sauce than they are actually eating, but c'est la vie.

My costume (uniform) is fairly basic, and modelled on tudor wear or another similar period (I personally think they've mixed and matched quite a bit throughout history), but I quite like it. I have a swishy skirt and I LOVE swishy skirts! Winner.

Vikki's moving in with me as of tomorrow and Tuesday, which means that I will have a lovely roommate again. It'll be fun to have her here for good girly gossips and dinner parties. Lots of lovely people live here in Patterson and slowly the whole UK is moving this way, so it's great for socialising. With Christmas coming up it'll be good to have her here, so that security won't be kicking us out when we're having festive-type celebrations.

Speaking of festive celebrations, I took a trip to Walmart today in search of many items, of which one was crackers. I haven't seen any crackers in America. Are these something that only exists in the UK? How depressing. However, our little Christmas tree is beyond gorgeous - very unique and stylish in it's own little haphazardly decorated way. I love it! Dan's parcel of my Christmas pressies also arrived this morning, so I'm feeling super good today. I've been waiting almost three weeks for them to arrive. I'm hoping beyond hope that Dan's get to him on time, as the post has been so slow with the snow in the UK that I'm not overly inspired that they will get there on time. They have left Miami, and providing the plane that they were on wasn't diverted too much off course the other day, they are in the UK and hopefully winging their way to Dan this very minute.

I'm working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve/Day this year, so there will be a fair amount of money in the kitty these next couple of weeks. Great news as I'm needing to save up for the end of January when Dan's here.

As for now, it's half 2 in the morning and I've just remembered the cleaning team can be in any time after 9am, so I'd best get myself some sleep.

Night all xxx

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