Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas at Disney

Safe to say I made it through my Disney Christmas. I had a minor work nightmare on the day itself, but nothing that couldn't be solved and all done now so that's enough about that!

Vikki has moved in now, which is great! It was just in time for Christmas, which was really lovely, as we got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning together without considering the logistics of the thing. It has, however, hit my sleep patterns badly. Now Vikki doesn't have to be of property by 1am, we don't have an abrupt ending to our gatherings. Thus, we are now chatting and eating way into the night and I just don't get as much sleep. It's all good though.

Christmas day was weird - very different, but an experience that just clarified for me that I do love Christmas and I think I will appreciate being at home for Christmas more now. However, having said that, I did have a lovely Christmas here. The morning was spent eating croissants and unwrapping lovely presents from Vikki and Riyad and Dan. :) Mum, Dad and Ryan have given me some money for Christmas which I am very much looking forward to finding something to spend it on. Work was fun on Christmas day, as almost everyone was in and there were almost all of us tasking and seating, so we spent a lot of the playing hopskotch and giving out stickers in the sun. Good times! After I finished work, we all headed to Stuart's for Christmas dinner, cooked by Stuart and Dan. It was truly very very yummy and I really enjoyed the nice atmosphere with friends as well. It was Boxing Day by the time we were done, and me and Vikki had to head back to Patterson at 1 to be off Commons property in time. We headed straight to bed for another day at work on Boxing Day.

I wasn't feeling too great yesterday, so I was very thankful it was cold and work was fairly dead. Although I missed out on the overtime pay, I was grateful for my ER yesterday as I was feeling very unwell and going home early has definitely helped my health. :)

As for today, I've been posting a bit in the facebook CRP group. I am a bit concerned that people are given this impression that there's a huge split in the Merchandise/F&B camps. I just feel it's really unfair that people are given this impression before they get here. There are some people who only socialise within their groups, but for the most part we are all a group of friends. Fingers crossed that point has come across.

Still, I'd best go get ready for work as I start in a couple of hrs or so.

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