Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Time to catch up on sleep, I think...

Well, today I finished my classroom based training for this role, which is great. I now have a couple of days off, in which I hope to catch up on some sleep before I start work again. What they don’t tell you is that you will be spending a lot of your first week getting up at, literally, the crack of dawn to get to your classes. I’ve seen a lot of 5 and 6 am this past week, and it hasn’t been the nicest start to the programme to be honest, but getting up early is also hardly the end of the world.

Settling in is proving slightly more challenging for me than for most people on account of the fact that I am the only UK Cultural Rep in my arrival group. To be honest, I might as well have been the only person in my arrival group in total, because after the first two days of paperwork, I’ve not seen a living soul in my training that has been consistent! It’s making it pretty difficult to make friends when your relationship-building time is mere hours. Still, as of Friday morning, I will be on my on the job training, which means I’ll be meeting and working with a lot more people and more consistent faces. Fingers crossed, I’ll be making friends in no time! I’ve hardly had the most conventional programme as it is so far, so I’m hoping it’ll normal out very soon now!

I’ve visited the Magi c Kingdom now, which was truly awesome – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it! I really want to see Hollywood Studios again, so I intend to head there on one of my days off over the next couple of days. Probably Thursday as I have some bits and pieces to be doing on one of the days, like laundry and food shopping, so Thursday seems like a better day to be hitting the parks. I’ll have to go early though, as it will be Thanksgiving here so things will be PACKED!

I’ve also decided that I need to buy a wireless router – not be able to access the internet here whenever I want is driving me mental! They’re pretty cheap in Walmart so I’m hoping with Black Friday that I might well be in luck for a cheap one! Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US when all the shops sell things at tremendous bargain prices – some places go as low as 90% off. It’s like the January sales but much much bigger. Apparently, there were people camping and queuing already yesterday.

I’ve unpacked everything into the apartment now, and it’s just about enough. I need to build up my shoe collection – this has become very clear, but I’m sure that really won’t take me very long. We have the Orlando Premium Outlets within walking distance, and free buses to the Florida Mall, for M&Ms amongst other goodies, so I’m certain that I will be spoilt for choice once the money starts rolling in!

Still, tonight is Glee night, and I think I’m going to head to bed early to make the most of tomorrow – who knows, I might pop by a park in the afternoon! Still, looking forward to a lie-in!

Chat soon,

Terri xxx

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