Thursday, 30 December 2010

It's the Most Magical Time of the Year...

So... yesterday was very interesting. It started nice and early, which is always a good way to start the day, and I headed off to Hollywood Studios with Vikki and Riyad after a little faffing. I was rather pleased with the small amount of faffing that we did do, as it does usually take us just as long to leave as it we spend at our destination, so all in all a good start to the day.

We decided to eat at Backlot Express to fulfil another of Vikki's restaurant quota, but the food was good and tasty, and we saw some excellent Disney service displayed, so I can't fault the place! Kim was lovely as I removed my purse from my bag and spilled change on the floor - we've all done it. Still, she ran over to help me pick the bits of change up, which was very kind and then chatted to us for a while, whilst we were deciding what to have. She also let us know that we could alter the menu if we wanted to, to accommodate our eating preference, which is great because Backlot is actually a Quick Service location! :) Next, me and Riyad got stuck in the queue behind a guest with considerable allergy concerns, which was long and boring for us, but obviously very important. The manager, Michael, came over to help the family with their meal choices, and was excellent, so was well worth watching and waiting for them to order. Still, Vikki had already grabbed her meal and found a table by the time we'd ordered, so we ended up sat chatting for ages! That was a lovely relaxing meal, and the atmosphere there was fantastic!

After that we took a boat to Epcot for work. Vikki started half an hour before me, and it was so busy in the park yesterday that it took ages to walk from one part to another! She cut it a little fine for work because of sheer guest volume, but she made it! :)

To start with at work, I was Chippie filling, which is one of my favourite jobs at the pavillion. It was nice and steady for a while, and there were three fillers, so it was breezy. Vikki ended up breaking someone out, and we were filling together for about an hour, which was nice. However, it was the busiest hour of the day so there wasn't too much downtime to write 'Did you know' facts on the trays. Bad times!

After my break, I got sent to seat. I had a lovely evening seating, really. I got chatting to a few tables, didn't forget any cutlery(!), and had some great guest interaction with a little boy who'd been to Animal Kingdom during the day. Lovely. I got to do Magic Moment, and the little girl really loved it! It was amazing - we even saw Tinkerbell! Then, last thing before we closed, me and Daniel sat this lovely family, and they really did make my day. They were so kind, and one of the guests was in a wheelchair, so we got chatting about his colouring skills and his big sister was so kind and said I'd made their day. That was so cute. I almost cried.

After that, it was less good. I almost died trying to get on the bus home, as people just wouldn't stop pushing. I was sure someone was going to get trampled. Then, to top it all off, I left my phone at work, so I had to go back and get that.

However, so far today I've managed to Skype my family and I got to see my Nanny as well, so it's all good. I'm now off to do my washing, because I really need some clothes.... :)

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