Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Tale of Two Sides,,,

It's been nice being back in Patterson.

Assignor training was funand surprisingly a lot easier than I had originally thought. It has it's challenges around 7pm, but I managed to take walk-ins for most of that period on my last day of training, which was much better than I'd originally anticipated. I did manage to take a few too many walk ins on a short wait, but I got them in, which was the right thing to do.

It's been nice having a few days off in a row now though, as it was beginning to get me just a bit too tired. A few of us went to Typhoon Lagoon yesterday, which was really good fun. The weather's much much nicer than it has been, so it was perfect.

Still, it was supposed to be a movie night tonight but everyone's bailed. I hate commons.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Welcome Aboard The Walt Disney World Transportation System

Thanks for riding with us, and welcome home! The last two weeks have been a little bit of a rollercoaster, it's needless to say, and quite frankly, I think I'd have gone stir crazy to hear any transportation system sentence again today! I can't quite believe how much I missed the cast buses, but it's fair to say they're a lot better than they are credited with. Apart from the stops at Vista, of course.

Dan came to visit for the last two weeks, and even as I write this, he is winging his way back across the Atlantic to home. It's been wonderful to have him here and be part of his first Disney visit, but I won't lie - there's a part of me that's glad to go back to my life here. We've seen a lot, and he's certainly acheived a lot, but I'll always be glad of this opportunity and I like that it's mine. I like that I chose to share bits of it, but not all of it, and for that it really feels like something special. Saying that, it doesn't get much better than having your friend come and share the most magical experience you'll ever have with you, even just for a little while.

It's easy to get back into the swing of things, though. Even though at first it feels a little odd, and you feel as though you may very well have misplaced something important, the feeling fades quickly and the steady flow of pavilion life sets back in. I've missed the Rose and Crown and I'm glad to be back. Certainly, it won't last forever, but I'll secretly always enjoy it.

Still, I think it's time for bed, and aside from the parks and the time spent with Dan this past fortnight, most things have been normal. I've still worked and played. Perhaps now though, I can sleep a little longer. :)

Night xxx