Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Dawn, New Day, New Post!

Ok, so I've been off away with the fairies for a while and haven't updated. I apologise. I will try and cram the last month or so into a fairly brief account of how things are going.

At some point in the last few weeks I was chatting to Vikki and realised, barring an extension, I am half way through my programme. This was quite possibly the most depressing thing I have thought of in such a long long time! Still, this kind of stirred me into action a bit. I applied for Disney Trainer (as the interviews conveniently happened to be at this time and I've wanted to do it since I arrived) and spent three solid days learning the (now old) menu. I did my trainer interview and took my pre-service test. Both of which I passed fairly well. As a result, I am now a Trainer (yay!) and I am going into service on Sunday!

I've done a couple of training shifts already now, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy training people! I always enjoyed it back in the UK, hence the reason for the training manager position that was given to me in the Hut, but this is so much more. It's incredibly difficult to become a trainer here; you have to go through and interview, take a class or two and all sorts. It's nice to be able to make a difference for cast as well as guests and I am enjoying every second of it! My last trainign shift, providing I pass my service test, is on saturday and I actually think I get to rip off a few 'earning my ears' ribbons! Exciting!

I start my food-running week on sunday, which is very exciting. I can't actually wait to go in now. I wasn't ready to leave podium for a long time, but I think it's about time for me to get into something different on my programme, and I certainly won't miss not having any money! I just really hope that I pass now!

It was really weird on Monday as I hung up my assigning board. So now, unless I get pulled from service one day or I fail my service tests, then I won't be assigning again. That's a very weird feeling, if I'm honest. I really enjoy assigning, and I know I'm fairly good at it. I guess I'm kinda worried that I might go into service and be utterly rubbish at it, but hey, you gotta try these things.

I've been going to Lasses regularly for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying it! It seems kinda strange that I wasn't really into it in the beginning, but things have changed a little now, and it works a lot better for me. I'm really liking meeting up with all the girls and getting the chance to see all the merchies as well as the f&b lot that I work with all the time. On monday I'll be getting my t-shirt and I'm a little worried about what my name with be, but I'm hoping it won't be too mean! Anna will be getting hers with me, as well as a lot of the other girls, but I think we're both a bit intrigued as to what they have in store for us!

Well, I'm off to work now. Hopefully I'll stay off of Beer Cart today and get to break the assignor. Fingers crossed, right!?

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