Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of...

The last month or so has been very eventful for me out here. Lots of things have been happening which has resulted in quite a few very busy weeks.

Firstly I made it into service. It was a little rocky for me during test day, but in comparison to what some people have had to go through since, I think I did rather well considering. My food running week went swimmingly; I really enjoyed my actual food running shifts. My bar day was useful but simply confirmed that I have no desires to go onto the bar, which from what I can tell but the amount of people talking about getting onto the bar is rare at the moment, so a good time, for sure! My culinary day in the kitchen was also very helpful, but I did do my culinary day the day before the menu changed over, so whilst a lot of the dishes were the same, there were a few that changed the next day. It was quite amusing thinking as I was making some of the dishes that I needn't remember the recipes past 3 hours' time!

Next I hit my service week and I found it a lot less worrying that I had thought it would be! I found the nature of serving coming back to me very quickly, so the basics were easier to get back into the habit of than I'd thought. I really enjoyed the desserts tasting that you get to do as part of the training though, and had myself most of a chocolate scotch cake and bakewell tart all to myself. No need for lunch that day then! The service test itself is the bit that everyone dreads and mine was going fine until I couldn't find the chef for one part and then I just lost my train of thought completely. They passed me, but asked me to stay on for the evening just to fine-tune my service standards, which I did and I have now been serving my own fully-fledged tables for about 3 to 4 weeks or so now! :)

I've also been re-selected as a trainer and now train servers, which is quite an acheivement having been in service such a short time! I really enjoy it and I feel like I might be able to help people, so that's a really rewarding thought. We shall see in time! My first trainee was ironically, Vikki, (who is now also a server, so we're in the money) and although it was strange moaning at her and trying to encourage her to prioritise she says my training helped, so I feel like it was definitely worth it! :)

We've visited a couple of different restaurants in the time that's passed since then, including Ohana, which is a fantastic meal! I would seriously recommend a trip there. We also visited Tutto Italia in Italy at Epcot. I had the lasagne, and although it's definitely a little pricey, I would love to go there again.

Katie and her family came over to visit right after I passed my service test, so I got to see my best friend and we went for dinner at T-Rex as well. So I've been eating out a fair bit recently! I got to see my best friend again, which was wonderful and they brought me a load of chocolate over as well so British chocolate has spoilt me quite a lot. The chocolate here just isn't great! I've also taken to buying Heinz beans from the import aisle at the supermarkets as beans just don't exist out here!

I could have used some beans on the Royal Wedding day, though. Me and Vikki got up very early (5.30am) to watch William marry Kate, and it was much more understated than I'd thought it would be. Lots of guests have been asking about it at the restaurant, and I thought it would be a good idea to watch it! We got to work for a UK pavilion photo at 8.30am the same day! I had so much fun with my friends and we get to keep a copy of the official photograph as well; I can't think of a much better memory! After the photo we all headed round Epcot for a bit as a group, and 21 of us went on Soarin' then Test Track at 9am! Me and Arran had to head back to work for 10.45am starts and then served the lunch period before heading for food and cinema in the evening!

I'll try to keep this more up to date now, but you know what I'm like. I know I've missed loads from this anyway, but if I don't go and get ready for work now, then I never will!

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  1. I'm really glad you're doing so well out there! Makes me pleased to be reminded that when you follow your dreams, awesome things can happen... I knew you'd do great! :) (I am starting to miss your cakes though... hurry up and come home! xx)