Thursday, 13 January 2011

There's Two Feet of Snow in Boston...

So, I closed Beer Cart last night, and that was COLD. I did maybe fifteen transactions in the whole last hour that I was on Beer Cart, and I seriously thought my hands were going to drop off, I was so cold. I felt so sorry for Emily who had to close it this evening, as it was even colder tonight! :( On the plus side - no wasps!

Beer Cart yesterday was pretty cool though, all things considered. I managed to get chatting to a few guests as it was so quiet and get my real job done. That is - culturally representing the UK. I ws explaining the Rose and Crown crest using the War of the Roses, and even managed to explain the four countries and how the governmental systems work to another. Very interesting.

Today though, I haven't really been feeling it - I'll be honest. I've had a fairly slow day, with some interesting muck-ups and it didn't help that it was really slow because it was so cold. I don't want to dwell on it though, because it's done now. I've had a very nice evening to balance out my fairly bad day - dinner and laughs at TGIs.

For now, though folks... time for sleeping! :)

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